Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan)

Made in the Middle - Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan)

May 26, 2021

We know that God is the God of the mountains, God of the valleys.⁣ He is at the top. He is at the bottom. ⁣
But is God in the middle?

The middle is always the hardest. ⁣
Middle of Covid-19.⁣
Middle Management.⁣
Middle of a Marathon.⁣
Middle Child Syndrome.⁣
All hard places.⁣

We are in the MIDDLE of a pandemic. ⁣ Too far away from the beginning, yet we can’t catch sight of the finishing line. It’s easy to be deflated and discouraged being stuck in the middle!⁣

Like Joshua, don’t give up but be Made In The Middle!

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